How it started

I wanted to tell you guys how it all started, one day I was surfing on Facebook and saw some pictures from a coloring book, they looked so nice!!

A few months passed and I was able to buy the book.

The day it got here I was so excited and started coloring with regular color pencils.

This was my 1st one.


My husband,  Kyle, said it was really beautiful and that I should try other ones. That’s when the fever started lol.

For my 2nd one we chose the humming birds.


This picture wouldn’t get perfect, I needed some shining, so we went to Michael’s arts and crafts and I bought a metalic pencil set. Still not coming out the way I wanted so I called my mother in law and she brought her watercolor pencils.

With her pencils I painted the mermaid,  messed up on her tail big time lol.


After 2 more trips to Michael’s arts and crafts, some money spent, some videos watched I decided to attempt a freehand paint.


Tonight I’ll attempt to draw and paint some flowers 💐. I’ll keep posting and let’s see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading my blog 😉


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